Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Professor Warren Lawrance

Students in chemistry today experienced a teriffic presentation titled Atomic  Spectroscopy: The Absorption and Emission of Light by Atoms from the Executive Dean of Science and Engineering Professor Warren Lawrance.

Professor Lawrance presented what spectrocopy was and what it was used for in science.
He tied together a lot of the students learning so far and took it a little further.

The dark lines in the solar spectrum shown here are caused by absorption by elements
in the outer layer of the sun (and also the Earth’s atmosphere).These absorption lines allow the identification of 67 elements in the outer in the layer of the sun’s atmosphere.

The teachers and students really enjoyed listening to his latest research and discoveries on a molecule's spectroscopy and manipulation of their translational energies.

Professor Lawrence showed how science can be really exciting and a great career.

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