Wednesday, 15 June 2011

STAGE 2 PHYSICS Summative Assessment: Issues Investigation

Today the students completed their summative Issues Investigation in the university CML computer labs.

The purpose of the issues investigation
of this assessment provides the students with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to:
·      identify and formulate questions, select, analyse and evaluate the evidence of physics from a range of sources
·      present informed conclusions on contemporary physics applications
·      communicate knowledge of concepts and information of physics
·      demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of physics to an application.

Part A: Formulate a Guiding Question from a randomly allocated topic.
The guiding question was to be submitted in writing prior to Part B.

Part B: Information Search, Analysis and Evaluation (500 words)
1.      Locate relevant Information
Document at least three different sources related to the topic
2.      Analyse and Evaluate the Sources  
Assess the source for its relevance, bias, and credibility,

Part C: Written summary (1000 words)
Write a report on the information obtained to answer the guiding question. Reference work correctly

Part D: ICT Presentation to be done in students own time.
Create an information and communication technologies (ICT) presentation on your physics issue or phenomenon which lasts approximately seven minutes.

Students busy completing their task in the CML computer lab in physical sciences at Flinders University.

Mr. Haggett and Mr. South physics teachers supervising the timed summative assessment.

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