Friday, 19 August 2011

Dynamic Equilibrium

Today in chemistry students studied equilibrium through explanations, practice and
practical work.
Students studied the iron(III)thiocynate equilibrium reaction and the chromate dichromate equilibrium reaction.
Students investigated the effects of changing the concentrations of reactants and products on the equilibrium.
5 drops of iron(III)thiocynate is placed on a white tile.
Blood Red Colour

Fe +3 + SCN- รณ Fe(SCN)+2
Different ions are added to the drops to observe the equilibrium shift.
How far these reactions go is determined by the colour changes.
Fe +3 is Brown 
SCN- is Colourless 
Fe(SCN)+2  Blood red colour          

2CrO4–2 + 2 H + <=> Cr2O7–2 + H2O
Chromate                    Dichromate
Yellow                          Orange
The difference in color between the two species allows one to determine whether the reaction shifts toward products (turns orange) or shifts toward the reactants (turns yellow).

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