Thursday, 15 September 2011

Analytical and Forensic Scientist

In chemistry today students learnt about materials chemistry and had a guest speaker.
Associate Professor Stewart Walker is a Forensic, Environmental and Analytical Chemist from the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Flinders University. He is also Director of Centre of Expertise in Energetic Material.
He discussed many of the analytical techniques and chemistry used to solve many problems in forensic science. The students and teachers found his talk very engaging. 

Assoc. Prof. Walker discussed the identification of the ingredients of chocolate from this spectra.
The spectra is colour coded by what chemicals are present, what functional groups are present,
for example blue sections are sugars, red sections are additives and the green section is the fatty material.

Assoc. Prof. Walker is growing his hair for research. Your hair can be used to find where you have travelled or lived most recently because your hair keeps a record of the water and food you have drunk. We can see that Assoc. Prof. Walker has travelled to many countries in the last year.  This research has many applications, such as, helping to identify people and determine the migration paths of people.

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