Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Academy teacher Colin Grace demonstrated Le Chatelier's Principle

Students observed the colour changes as nitrogen dioxide (brown gas) changed into dinitrogen tetroxide (colourless gas) and vice versa, depending on the change in temperature and pressure.

                                                                  2NO2(g)  <-> N2O4(g)   
                                                                             nitrogen dioxide            dinitrogen tetroxide

Students had to think, what would happen to the Kc value; would the equilibrium position move to the right or the left?

Nitrogen dioxide (brown gas)

Cooling the gas in ice, the equilibrium position moves to the right
and the colourless  dinitrogen tetroxide gas is formed.

Pressure affects the position of the equilibrium.
Increase pressure moves the equilibrium position to the right hand side. The colourless gas forms.
Adjusting the pressure.

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