Thursday, 1 March 2012

Today two guest speakers: Professor Jerzy Filar and Dr Michael Haythorpe, both from the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics, spoke to the Specialist maths students about careers and current research in maths.

Jerzy surprised the students by telling them that if you understand maths, there isn't really that much you need to remember. He also talked about the longevity of maths and how, unlike a bridge which might last 200 years, maths lasts forever.
He talked about how he works on unsolved problems of his choosing and that none of his days are boring.

Jerzy explains about maths not having a 'used-by-date'

 Michael discussed his research (Hamiltonian Cycles) and how it is applicable in to real world problems.

Both he and Jerzy discussed how wonderful a career in maths research can be as it can include a lot of travel, all over Australia and the world to discuss problems with world experts.
Michael explains the life of a researcher

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