Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Associate Professor Gunther Anderson spoke to the Physics students about the inexact nature of science research. He discussed how after building a machine as part of his doctorate, he obtained results  that he had no idea what they meant. It was only through perseverance and speaking with many different people, was he able to make sense of his results.
Gunther described science research being like trying to solve a riddle and sometimes the answers, after a lot of deep thinking and pondering, just come to you. And then, sometimes they don't! But the important thing is to think of problems from lots of angles, to keep talking to people and to keep at it, because you never know what new relationships you might discover.

 From soap bubbles to catalytic converters, the nature of interactions on a  surface are vital in a huge range of structures and processes. The equipment for Metastable Induced Electroscopy Spectrometry (MIES) which recently arrived at Flinders University will illuminate the fundamentals of surface science by providing new information about the chemical and electronic structure of surfaces

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