Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Professor Karen Reynolds presented a highly engaging and  informative session on Machines that go PING to the Physics students

Karen Reynolds is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Flinders University. 
She explained that biomedical engineering was a unique mix of engineering, medicine and science, and that it is arguably the fastest growing branch of engineering. Biomedical engineers develop new devices, algorithms, and technologies that improve medical practice and health care delivery. Some notable examples include the heart pacemaker, the artificial hip, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Karen’s main areas of research are in Medical Instrumentation, Simulation for Medical Training, and Imaging and Modelling in Biomechanics.

Karen's list of honours and awards include:
South Australian Scientist of the Year, 2012
Named in Top 100 Most Influential Engineers in Australia, 2012
Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering, 2011
Australian Professional Engineer of the Year, 2010

Karen described how two of her honour's students have developed an Epidural injection simulator. This is mean that doctors can have a realistic sensation of what it is like to give an epidural, rather than using an orange, or a potato!

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