Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Physics Design Practical 

Physics students used the design practical to explore a wide range of ideas, with some of them making pieces of equipment to help with their experiment.

   Jacob, Daniel and Josh - investigating the movement of a ball bearing in different density liquids
   Ross and Nathan - investigating lift power by varying the number of coils in a motor 
Daniel and Clarence - investigating the strength of a magnetic field versus distance

Nathan, Daniella and Ashleigh - investigating the displacement of springs by varying the length

Sheridan and Jason - investigating the displacement of springs by varying the length

Nick and Kevin - investigating how refraction of a laser changes through water as the temperature changes

Nickson and Ashley - investigating the velocity of different surface areas of parachutes

Mitchell and Edith - calculating the impact velocity speed of a ball bearing by catching it with a remote control car

Liam, Nathan andEthan - investigating the distance pulled back of a sling shot versus the range of the projectile

Cameron and Leon - investigating the heights different balls bounce
Andrew and Zac - investigating the distance different sized paper planes travel

Yegor,Caleb and Keegan - investigating sound intensity as it varies with distance

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