Thursday, 17 September 2015

Associate Professor Jamie Quinton speaks to the Year 12 SMAF Physics students

The Year 12 Physics students were lucky enough to have Jamie Quinton present a lecture on Nuclear Fusion.

Jamie Quinton is the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences. He is an Associate Professor of Nanotechnology/Physics/Chemical Physics.
Some of his current research interests include: Nanoscale surface phenomena, surface modification, inorganic treatments for corrosion protection and building new architectures for harvesting solar power.

His insightful and well presented lecture described the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, as well outlining the advantages and disadvantages of both.He used excellent visual models to describe the science, including if a hydrogen atom was scaled up to be the size of Australia then the nucleus would be one quarter of the size of Uluru.

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